Book Review: Blood Stain Volume 1 by Linda Sejic

Blood Stain Volume 1 by Linda Sejic is the start of a graphic novel series that will appeal to new adults and older readers. Elliot Torres (Elly) has been looking for a good just since, well forever. Sher has takes just about every kind of part time job, and failed at them all. In her attempts to help her family stay afloat she finally considers a position a job with rumored mad scientist Dr. Vlad Stein.

Blood Stain Volume 1 tells the story of how Elly ends up working for Dr. Vlad Stein. I was intrigued by the characters, and quickly related to and then became sympathetic for Elly. She wanted to hold down a job, and worked hard at everything she attempted. However through bad luck, oddball bosses, and the economy nothing every really worked out for her. The graphic novel detailed some of this journey, gave readers some background on her family situation, and introduced a busy boyfriend. I liked everything I saw, and really loved the artwork and the additional information on the background of the comic. My only problem was the fact that I only had the first issue, and was left desperate to know how things progress with Elly's position with Stein. I will definitely be looking to continue the story! 
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