Book Review: Waylaid by Kim Harrison

Waylaid by Kim Harrison is para junction of the Hollows series and Peri Reed Chrorincles. Since I have only read the Rachel Morgan books it took me a bit to catch up with the details of Peri Reed's world. However, I think fans of Harrison in any capacity will be able to catch on quickly.

The paranormal and the futuristic meet in a novella featuring  heroines from two of Kim Harrison’s most beloved series: the Hollows and the Peri Reed Chronicles. The magic of the Hollows runs full force into the technological sophistication of The Drafter when a device capable of carrying a city’s data stream pulls Rachel, the bounty hunter witch of the Hollows, between realities, marooning her in a world where the supernatural holds no sway. To get Rachel and Jenks home, Peri, the dangerous renegade of 2030, must decide what will chart her future: her blind trust in those who grant her power, or her intuition telling her to believe.

Waylaid is an intriguing novella. Rachel are Peri both strong but somehow vulnerable heroines in their own way. Both very different from each other, and very similar. Trust issues, independance, and self reliance about, and make their coming together was as exciting and interesting as I might have hoped. Rachel has to deal with being dropped in a world with no access to her magic and little connection to her support system. Peri honestly thinks Rachel is more than a little looney, at least at first. I like the the novella raised questions for both series, and left me wanting to catch up with both series. THe details of Peri's world is much more technological and and science fiction like than the fantasy world of Rachel Morgan. Finding a way to return Rachel to her own time and place involves trust and magic, both of which are difficult under the circumstances. There is even time for some character development for Peri squeezed in this fast paced, enthralling novella.

Waylaid is a nice union between two very different worlds, and one I really enjoyed. It inspired me to get reading the Peri Reed Chronicles. I have no idea when I will get all the great books out there read when I keep adding more to my lists...
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