Book Review: Rosie the Raven by Helga Bansch

Rosie the Raven is a charming picturebook by Helga Bansch. In one raven's nest something strange has happened. When a clutch of eggs hatch, a pink girl emerges from one of the shells, along with her black raven siblings. Loving raven parents take their little Rosie just the way she is. In the beginning, Rosie tries to do everything her siblings do. She opens her mouth to receive worms from her parents, tries to caw until she is hoarse, and wildly flaps her arms in an attempt to fly. Rosie finally realizes she is different. Maybe she can’t caw or fly, but a world of discovery awaits her nonetheless.

Rosie the Raven is a wonderful picturebook that celebrates being yourself, and embracing differences. Rosie is very different from her parents and siblings, but that does not stop them from loving her. She tries to be like everyone else, and neighbors offer suggestions to help her with that goal. through it all, her family supports her and do what they can to help her be happy. It is only when she embraces her differences, and comes to appreciate what she has to offer, that she is really happy. The artwork adds a great deal of detail to the story and is lovely. The illustrations add to the humor, emotion, and mood to the story and really bring it to life.

Rosie the Raven is a wonderful book that readers of all ages can appreciate. It speaks to the wonderful opportunities individuality brings to the world, and how differences are not the most important part of any person, and only add to their being rather than detracting from it. 
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