Early Book Review: Camp Midnight by Steven T. Seagle

Camp Midnight by Steven T. Seagle is a middle grade graphic novel that is currently scheduled for release on May 3 2016.Reluctant Skye is accidentally sent to the wrong summer camp. Not wanting to please her step monster, Skye is dead-set on not fitting in. That won't be a problem, as everyone at Camp Midnight-with the exception of fellow camper and fast-friend Mia-is a full-fledged monster!

Camp Midnight is a tough call for me. I really liked the story, and thought it had great potential. However, I really could not continuously like the main character. I am a snarky minded person myself, and while Skye is going through a rough time and deserves some attitude leeway, I found her to be a bit bratty and a bit too bitter most of the time. Of course, as I reach the big turn around in the story the reason for this was clear, but until that point it really bugged me. The message the attitude, and her moments with a couple new friends that helped it shift, is one that tweens, teens, and adults alike could use (or be reminded of). Being yourself and letting go enough to let people in and enjoy yourself can be scary but is necessary for growth and finding real friends and happiness. 

Likewise, the artwork varied with me. At times I thought the artwork did a great job of subtly layering real monsters with those in Skyes' imagination- but other times it just did not click for me. I guessed her friend Mia’s ‘type’ pretty quickly, but I liked the brief moment in the story where I thought I was wrong. It was a entertaining read, and when I finished it I discovered that I liked it more that I expected when I was half way through, but less that I had hoped at the beginning. 

Camp Midnight is an entertaining graphic novel for the middle grade set. I enjoyed it, despite the couple issues I had with it, but thought it could have been even better.
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