Book Review: Frankencrayon by Michael Hall

Frankencrayon is a picturebook by Michael Hall. However, this book has been cancelled despite the fact that the crayons staring in the story have costumes and were going to tell an fantastic story. However, now that someone is reading the cancelled story, they explain why the picture book has ended. It is all because of the horrible scribble that suddenly interrupted the story. They tried to clean the page, but the scribble just kept getting bigger. It was out of control and everyone was so disturbed that they cancelled the book, but they forgot to tell Frankencrayon. So when the crayons playing him entered on Page 22, they ran right into the scribble.

Frankencrayon is another great picturebook from Hall. I like when the characters of a book talk directly to the reader, particularly when it is done right like it is here. The crayons are preparing to perform for the reader and are disappointed in the cancellation. The explanation of the scribble and resulting cancellation is humorous and delightfully illustrated. The scribble, made continuously worse by the crayons trying to 'fix' it reminded me of many situations. One that could be easily resolved, but only escalated because of fear or panic. When the forgotten Frankencrayon makes his appearance readers expect him to be afraid or act like the other crayons, but the unique perspective and solution by this trio of crayons is perfect.

Frankencrayon is a wonderful picturebook, and would work as a storytime read, or for sharing one on one. 
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