Early Book Review: The Sandwich Thief by André Marois, Patrick Doyon

The Sandwich Thief by André Marois and Patrick Doyon is a children’s book that straddles the line between illustrated chapter book and graphic novel, It is currently scheduled for release on March 1 2016. I think elementary school through high school age readers will enjoy the book. Marin loves the sandwiches his parents make for him—every day they're different and more delicious than the last. One morning, someone dares to steal his favorite sandwich: ham-cheddar-kale. Furious, Marin begins a fevered and famished investigation to unmask the thief. The days go by, the suspects multiply, and Marin's sandwiches continue to disappear. 

The Sandwich Thief is a fun, and funny, mystery that will appeal to transitional readers, and more advanced readers that enjoy mystery, humor, and illustrations or graphic novels. Poor Marin has foodies for parents, and his lunches are definite evidence of that. While he has talked then out of some of the more elaborate meals, he still gets some pretty great sandwiches. When they start going missing Marin is on a mission to solve the crime. I like that once he comes clean and shares the problem with his parents a solution is found that not only catches the culture but keep Marin from getting himself into more trouble. There were some little things that bothered me here and there through the story, overall I found it to be good fun and I think it will have broad appeal to elementary and middle grade readers. My two kids will certainly get a kick out of the humorous aspects of the story. 

The Sandwich Thief is the first in a series, but it does not require readers to continue to solve a cliff hanger. Return readers will do so because the like the characters, wit, and art style rather than because they are trapped into doing so because of unresolved endings.  
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