Early Book Review: Animals That Make Me Say Ewww! by Dawn Cusick

Animals That Make Me Say Ewww! by Dawn Cusick is children's nonfiction book currently scheduled for release on March 1 2016. This book details some of the less appealing aspects of the animal world. From blood-squirting reptiles to blood-sweating mammals to nose-picking primates, learn about some of the most disgusting creatures in the animal kingdom. Animals have developed some weird, wacky, and just plain gross habits and skills that help them survive.

Animals That Make Me Say Ewww! has a host of interesting facts about the bizarre habits and skills that animals have developed to help them survive. some are disgusting defenses to protect them from predators, others are symbiotic relationships or grooming habits that help keep them comfortable and healthy, and some are to help them find and devour their own prey. Some of the facts I already knew, like the teamwork between certain birds or fish and much larger animals that might otherwise consider them food or pests, but I did learn some new things as well. I liked the detail about the whys of the gross facts, rather than just the information about what each animal does and why it is gross. This would be a great book for readers that love learning about animals, and those looking for some information on the icky side.

Animals That Make Me Say Ewww! is a wonderful resource and I think it will be appreciated by animal and ick lovers alike. A great addition to home, school, and library collections. 

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