Early Book Review: Friday Barnes, Girl Detective by R.A. Spratt

Friday Barnes, Girl Detective is the first book in a new children's series by R.A. Spratt that is currently scheduled for January 19 2016. When Friday Barnes solves a bank robbery, she uses the reward money to send herself to Highcrest Academy, the most exclusive boarding school in the country only to discover it is a hotbed of crime! Soon she's investigating everything from disappearing homework to the terrifying Yeti haunting the school swamp. But the biggest mystery yet is Ian Wainscott, the handsomest (and most arrogant) boy in school who inexplicably hates her. Will the homework be found? Can they ever track down the Yeti? And why is Ian out to ruin her?
Friday Barnes, Girl Detective is a fun and entertaining mystery for independent trough middle grade readers. Friday is a very observant girl with no time for social niceties. No one in her family has taken the time to teach her such things, and only one Uncle seems to have time for her. Her memory and observation skills make her a splendid detective, but do not help her blend in with classmates or decode the behavior of her new classmates. I liked the characters, and the development of Friday and her roommate's personalities and friendship. This is a coming of age, odd-duck, and mystery series all rolled up together with fun and black and white illustrations.

Friday Barnes, Girl Detective is the start to a fun new mystery series that offers as many chuckles as it does clues. I enjoyed the read and looked forward to getting back to it every time I got pulled away.

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