Romances that Have Gone to the Dogs; Love and Our Four Legged Friends

All animal lovers know that pets have a lot to say about their owner's lives, even though they cannot say a word. In these contemporary romance novels canine companions play a major part in helping their owners live happily ever after.

Anyone But You by Jennifer Crusie is a particular favorite of mine. Nina Askew is newly divorced and in search of a puppy, a perky puppy to cheer her up. And celebrate being able to do all the things her former husband vetoed. Somehow she ends up with a sad looking basset hound named Fred. He has a face she cannot resist. Thanks to canine intervention she meets her downstairs neighbor Dr. Alex Moore. There are sparks but Nina is stuck on their age difference, lucky for her Fred, a friend, and some bad dates get her to reconsider the match. The book is a fun and light read.
The Nerd Who Loved Me by Vicki Lewis Thompson is another favorite of mine. Harry Ambrewster is an accountant with a big-time attraction for showgirl Laine Terrell. Harry comes to the rescue when Laine needs a babysitter for her son Dexter, but things go wrong quickly when Dexter's abusive father shows up. Harry takes Laine and Harry to his mother's condo where a cast of wacky characters and one rambunctious dog join in the fun. This is a laugh out loud contemporary romance which is part of Thompson's Nerd series.
Take a Chance on Me by Susan Donovan is about animal behaviorist Emma Jenkins. She has struggled through a divorce, death of her best friend, and the adoption of that friend's daughter. Undercover investigator meets Emma in search of answers to a hairless dog named Hairy's strange behavior. Later he returns to find clues to solve a murder, since the dog was the sole witness. The mystery aspect is a little weak, but the story is still comic and spicy.
The Perfect Match by Kimberly Cates is about Rowena Brown, a free spirit looking to find acceptance and place she fits in. Rowena owns a pet store in a small town and has the uncanny knack for matching up pets with the right homes. Unfortunately one match does not work out quite the way she plans. A troublesome dog does not bond with the local sheriff, who already knows him from previous experience, though his daughters bond with the furry criminal. He does not want the chaos of the huge, criminal dog or eccentric Rowena could bring into his life. However, circumstances bring them together and the sheriff's heart does soften, just not toward the dog.
Beware of Doug by Elaine Fox is about Lily Tyler and her bulldog Doug. When stalker fleeing pilot Brady Cole moves into her Virginia duplex he is warned about Doug's man hating tendencies. Brady tries, with entertaining results, to befriend Doug in order to get closer to Lily. This is a fun romantic comedy. There are several laugh out loud moments and some views of the action from Doug's perspective. This book will make you eager to discover all of Fox's romance novels full of canine capers. 
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