Early Book Review: How to Seduce a Scot by Christy English

How to Seduce a Scot is a historical romance by Christy English. It is currently scheduled for release on December 1 2015. Highlander Alexander Waters has a plan, he is in town and dealing with the ton for a season to get his sister married. He has no desire for any romance of his own, he just wants to do right by his sister and get back to his ship. Catherine Middlebrook must find a respectable man to marry or her family will be ruined. Her little sister and less than reliable mother are making the need more pressing, and the need to save her family stronger. She won't allow herself to be distracted by Highland barbarians, regardless of how much her heart and body disagree with her good sense. As the battle of will begins and escalates Catherine and Alex will both be surprised and thrilled with the path they find themselves on.  

How to Seduce a Scot is a romance with entertaining and well fleshed out characters. Every character has a set of problems, even if the readers are not aware of them. i know that must be more to several of the secondary characters and their motives, and am eager to explore the rest of the series in order to figure them out, even if this book does stand up fine on its own. I liked that Catherine is a smart and capable lady, facing hard times with as much honor and fortitude as she can manage. She is trying her best to protect those around her, even when they do not make it easy. Alex and his siblings are charming and unique, and I really want to explore their family more since I found them to be extremely entertaining, even when they are trying to go unnoticed. I enjoyed the twists and turns that everyone faced to find their own happy ending, and look forward to seeing who is next!

How to Seduce a Scot is an engaging read that had me invested in the main characters, as well as the fate of the secondary characters. It is the dynamic characters for the larger cast that will bring me, and most likely other readers, coming back for more again and again. 

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