Early Book Review: Creatures of the Deep by Matthew Rake, Simon Mendez

Creatures of the Deep by Matthew Rake and Simon Mendez is a children’s non fiction book that is currently scheduled for release on November 15 2015. The creatures that live in the deep ocean are strange and amazing. Those book takes readers into the watery depths to encounter ten of the strangest creatures living in the oceans. There is a jiggle blob fish, a fish with an angling light, a snail that harpoons its prey, and a squid with eyes bigger than a human head.

Creatures of the Deep is a well organized and researched book about ten of the creatures that live in the deep ocean. These creatures face unique challenges, between the intense pressure due to the depths of which they live and the things they need to survive such as food and reproduction. Interesting facts and details about each of the animals are included with vivid photographs and illustrations that further expand on the important information. 

Creatures of the Deep is an interesting and detailed non fiction read. I think any children with an interest in animals, the ocean, and real creatures that can be considered gross, monstrous, or just plain weird will enjoy and get a good deal from this read. 

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