Book Review: What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night: A Very Messy Adventure by Refe and Susan Tuma

What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night: A Very Messy Adventure by Refe and Susan Tuma is a picturebook from the parents who brought us the web sensation "Dinovember" comes photographic proof of what toys do at night. Kids have always thought about what would happen in their toys came to life. One creative pair of parents decided to find out. Every November, writer and social media master Refe Tuma and his wife, Susan, work into the night to bring their four children scenes from the secret lives of their toys; specifically the nighttime antics of their plastic dinosaurs. The dinosaurs wreck bathrooms, destroy vases, rock out, encounter terrifying hot irons, even do the dishes with hilarious, magical results. This book offers the story about how the dinosaurs behave, why, and what not to do if it starts happening in your house. the photographs and text come together nicely to ignite imaginations and humor readers of all ages.

What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night is a picturebook that I greatly enjoyed. I had seen stories about these parents, and the trend that they started (there are many parents out there doing this or similar things now).  I always get a kick out of the imagination and inventiveness they use to create these plastic dinosaur tableau's. I love the photographs and admit to being daunted by the amount of work this team put into placing the dinosaurs and coming up with stories to match. I think some younger or more sensitive children might find the idea and execution of some of the scenes a little troubling. When my oldest was younger he would have needed the light on in his room and had trouble sleeping with the idea that the toys in his room were wandering around the house and up to mischief, while my youngest would have been upset that they were not including her in the fun.

I would recommend What the Dinosaurs Did Last Night to families that might consider joining in the fun, or that take part in similar things like Elf on the Shelf and so one. I am frankly afraid to share this one with my kids, because I do not have the energy to do this sort of crazy fun. I highly appreciate those that have the creativity and willingness to entertain us all along with their children.

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