Book Review: A Tower of Giraffes: Animals in Groups by Anna Wright

A Tower of Giraffes: Animals in Groups by Anna Wright is a non fiction picturebook. It introduces young readers to the words people use to refer to animals in a group and some information about each kind of group. The images are a combination of ink, watercolor, and fabric collage art. The result is brightly colored and unique. 

A Tower of Giraffes is a great easy non fiction book that will delight young readers that love animals and learning new words. I like that the book offers the collective nouns for so many animals, but that information like when the groupings happen, the numbers of animals often found in the group, and more interesting facts are included. Some of the words are particularly well matched to the animals they describe, such as a prickle of hedgehogs or a flamboyance of flamingos, that the information all on its own. To top of the information and introduction of new vocabulary is the colorful and unique artwork that can be found on each page. The art really adds something special and interesting to further engage readers of all ages. 

A Tower of Giraffes is a book that I highly recommend for school and public library collections. My daughter is an animal lover, and even though she is reading well above the level of this book, i can see it being a huge hit in our house. I cannot wait to share it with her.

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