Book Review: Swashbuckling Scoundrels: Pirates in Fact and Fiction by Arie Kaplan

Swashbuckling Scoundrels: Pirates in Fact and Fiction by Arie Kaplan is a solid introduction to the history and mythology of pirates, including those of the modern day. The book explores the world of pirates, both as real-life figures and as fictional characters. It takes on the reality of piracy and debunks some romanticized pirate myths and legends.

Swashbuckling Scoundrels: Pirates in Fact and Fiction is a solid start to the fact and fiction surrounding the popular topic of pirates. The history and myths surrounding pirates throughout history and the present day are covered. I like that the popular stories of modern day surrounding pirates is included along with the reality of both modern and historic. I think readers that love pirate stories and are looking to start researching the reality and connection between the two with find a lot of value with this book. The book is well researched and written, both informative and interested for middle grade and older readers. Readers that simply love pirates will also enjoy it, however if they have already read more than a few books on the topic there is not much new information here. 

Swashbuckling Scoundrels: Pirates in Fact and Fiction is a great introductory book about fiction and non-fiction pirates. The information is well presented and offers an interesting read for those beginning their research on the topic, although the inclusion of movie and current pirates offer some less repeated information. 

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