Early Book Review: Bound in Darkness by Jacquelyn Frank

Bound in Darkness is the fourth and final book in the Immortal Brothers series by Jacquelyn Frank. It is currently scheduled for release on November 24 2015. I highly recommend reading this series in order, but I think determined readers could read this as a stand alone. 

After drinking from the fountain of immortality along with his brothers, Maxum is condemned by the gods to be entombed in the earth. Even though he has now been granted a reprieve by day, each night he is buried anew, his rock-hard body immobilized, his bones crushed by the pressure. There is only one way for Maxum to be completely free: He must kill the god who cursed him. The task will require tremendous power, so Maxum embarks on a quest to gather talismans to equip him for the battle. Then an earthy wench seduces him and steals one of his magical amulets, but he catches her. Finding herself between a rock and a hard place, she strikes a bargain. The beautiful and alluring Airianne is a skilled thief, and she can help him in his acquisition of the talismans. Will this stealthy seductress also try to steal his heart, or will their boldness end up getting them both buried?

Bound in Darkness is a satisfying read, both as a series conclusion and as a romance. Maxum is angry and bitter, but still manages to be a fair and compassionate man. He does not want to admit it, or show it too often, but it is clearly part of his personality. Airianne knows well not to trust or depend on others, she has been on her own from a young age and has turned to theft for survival. When she steals from Maxum she finds herself in a new kind of trouble. They strike a bargain and she joins his group, much to the disgust of one fellow member. She makes herself valuable, as she struggles to ignore the attraction between her and Maxum. The quest and the relationship between the pair are perilous on several levels, that the characters adapt to meet the challenges. I really liked their interactions and the tension that was constant through out the book as the crew struggled and changed as well. I was eagerly turning pages to see what would happen next, and when Maxum might share his secrets and goals with Airianne. A solid read with high action and great characters.

Bound in Darkness is a satisfying conclusion to the series, and better than the third installment (at least as far as I am concerned). It still is not quite up to my expectations of Frank, but it is very close. 

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