Breaking out of a Reading Slump

I read a lot. You might think that is obvious, but sometimes it needs to be said. My to be read lists and piles are monstrous, and I am also getting recommendations or seeing covers that just demand that I start reading now. That being said, I sometimes get stuck in a serious reading slump. This is when i just cannot get into a book, even one that I know I would normally enjoy, and just keep focusing my attention on other things. The worst time for this to happen (like right now) is when I have just taken inventory of everything I want or need to read and made the attempt to prioritize them.

Have you had this happen to you? It happens to me once and awhile, and I am never happy when it does. However, there are many ways to break out of a reading slump, and some work every time while others are more hit or miss for me. Please share your methods for breaking out of the slump with all of us in the comment section. I cannot be the only one this happens to right?

1. Switch reading materials. After reading a small group of books by the same author, in the same series, or that are similar in genre or format sometimes it gets to be boring, even if I know that if I picked the book fresh I would not be bored at all. I have this problem the most after binge reading a series or newly discovered author. Jumping to something completely different often helps mer get excited about my reading again.

2. Re-read a favorite or tackle a classic you have been meaning to read. When I get in a slump and cannot seem to shake it I often go back and re-read Harry Potter, To Kill a Mockingbird, or The Princess Bride. This might be the perfect time to tackle what ever book you have always wanted to read and just never got around to. 

3. Tackle a craft or new recipe. I find that picking up a non fiction book about how to do something or full up with interesting ideas that I might want to try gets me reading, even if it is for only a targeted chapter or instruction. When I need to take a reading break and nothing else has been able to catch my interest trying out a new crochet pattern or reading up on my gardening or crafting interests will get me back into the swing of things and feeling productive again.

4. Read to someone else, or listen to an audiobook. Sometimes even audiobooks do not interest me, but usually listening to a well done audio book with break my slump. It does not always happen, like just a month or so ago I was listening to an audiobook that is part of one of my favorite fluffy romance series, and I just had to shut it off. I still have not gone back to it. However, reading to my children and listening to their audiobook in the car certainly helps. 

5. Wait it out. This is never really an option for me, but sometimes it might be the best one. A little DVD binge watching, taking some time to catch up on yard work, taking a hike or drive, or what ever does have your interest at the time. Sometimes those activities will trigger a desire to read more about something you have seen, need to know, or just want to explore further. 
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