Book Review: The Shadows Fianna Trilogy by Megan Chance

The Shadows is the first book in the Fianna Trilogy by Megan Chance. Grace Knox is about to turn seventeen, and the world of Victorian New York society should be opening to her, instead, Grace’s world is closing in. The family business is gone, her brother is drinking and gambling,  her widowed mother cannot cope, her grandmother is slipping into madness, and now Grace is having disturbing dreams of ancient battles. Grace’s only hope is to marry Patrick Devlin and let his fortune save them all. Then Grace meets Diarmid, an Irish stableboy. Being with him means losing everything. But the secrets and mystery surrounding him are too compelling to ignore. Soon Grace is drawn into his world of legend and heroes, magic and prophecy.

The Shadows is the solid start to an intriguing series. I liked the premise and the combination of historical feel and Irish mythology. Grace is a reliable and reasonably pragmatic girl, though she does occasionally get a little romantic minded. She wants happiness and to save her family from destitution, and it seems that Patrick is the best choice to reach both goals. I like that Grace questions motives and feelings rather than just taking everything said at face value. The story becomes more interesting and complicated with the addition of Diarmid and the tasks everyone has ahead of them. There was a lot of build up for the problems and battles ahead, but some resolution and revelations when the book ended as well.

The Shadows captured my imagination and made me interested in reading more Irish mythology and continuing the series. It was a solid foundation for what could turn out to be a great new series.

Megan Chance is the award winning author of several adult novels, including Bone River. A former television news photographer with a BA from Western Washington University, Megan lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two daughters. Visit her at

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