Book Review: The Perfect Match by E. D. Baker

The Perfect Match by E. D. Baker is a fun follow-up to The Fairy-Tale Matchmaker.  I would suggest reading the books in order to have the best understanding of where Cory, Blue, and the Tooth Fairy Guild stand. Former tooth-fairy-in training, Cory Feathering, is coming into her skills as a matchmaker more and more each day. But as she hones her skills, she's still doing odd jobs around town in order to help people who need it. One day as she's house-sitting for the Three Bears, Cory runs into the infamous Goldilocks. The girl with blonde locks wants Cory to help set her up on a date, but typical, no one is quite right for her. Then, Cory has a vision of Goldilocks with a prince who lives far away in a castle. The only problem? He's getting married to someone else. Luckily, the prince is a huge fan of Cory's band and wants them to perform at his ceremony, which means there might still be hope for Goldilocks. Will Cory be able to act fast and match everyone with their rightful love before it's too late?

The Perfect Match is a fun and well done sequel. I do not recommend skipping the first book, because knowing how Cory and her friends got where they are, and the complications with the guilds is important. I really love Cory's outlook on life and her willingness to pitch in and do what needs to be done. she cares about others, even those she does not really know. The action and complications in her world ramp up and build through the entire book, with lots of satisfying solutions but a great deal of build up for what will follow in the series. I was a little bothered by just how much of this book was build up for the next, but the complications of Goldilocks, the water nymphs, and so on keep the story moving along and very interesting. It was well worth reading, I just wish I had the next book already so that I could find out what happens next.

The Perfect Match is a solid read. If you enjoyed the first book in the series, and Baker's work in general, you will enjoy it. I will say that if you are someone that hates carried over plot lines and complications, you might want to wait until the entire series is published and commit to a weekend (or more) of binge reading.

E. D. Baker is the author of the Tales of the Frog Princess series, The Wide-Awake Princess series, and many other delightful books for young readers, including The Fairy-Tale Matchmaker, A Question of Magic, Fairy Wings, and Fairy Lies. The Frog Princess was the inspiration for Disney’s hit movie The Princess and the Frog. She lives with her family and their many animals in Churchville, Maryland.

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