Early Book Review: Magnus by Claire Shorrock

Magnus is a picturebook by Claire Shorrock which is currently scheduled for release on October 1 2015. Magnus is a big dog. Magnus is such a big dog that no one wants to play with him, and there's no room for him at home. But when Magnus spots danger, he knows just what do to do save the day. And because he is so very BIG, his simple plan works.

Magnus is a sweet book, very reminiscent of Clifford but with a fresh look. Magnus is huge and accidentally causes trouble where ever he goes. The more he tries to help and be friendly the more awkward and troublesome he feels. When he is finally able to help, and takes note of how his difference can make him very special rather than a problem, that he finds his place in the community. I think this is a great lesson for readers of all ages. It is only in using our own talents and embracing what makes up different that we can find happiness. Magnus trying to act like the smaller animals and people only caused everyone trouble, but using his size to help others saved the day and helped him find a special role in the town. We should all be so lucky to have such an obvious lesson to make us embrace our quirks rather than trying to ignore them. The illustrations are very appealing and sweet, bring Magnus to life.

Magnus is a wonderful picturebook. It combines splendid artwork with a story that is fun and sweet while still imparting a great message to readers of all ages. 

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