Book Review: Love Games by Eden Scott

Love Games by Eden Scott is a novella featuring a romance between two men. Technology-challenged historian Regis is on a mission of mercy for his miserably pregnant cousin, Penny. She needs a diversion and the only thing that will satisfy is the latest version of a video game, Dead Knights at Castle Kill. When Regis braves the aisles of a video game retailer, he is swept off his feet by Mars, the tall, dark, and gorgeous salesclerk who works there. But there's very little chance that such a savvy gamer would ever notice a man who can barely use his computer. Convinced he needs to fake some gamer knowledge to bridge the gap, Regis is determined to make it work. 

Love Games is a short but sweet story. Regis is a responsible academic with no love for video games. However, when his mission of mercy brings him into Mars’s orbit he is swept away. He is willing to do just about anything to connect with Mars, except tell him that he is not a video game fan, never mind the master gamer that he has lead Mars to believe he is. His cousin Peggy urges him to come clean, but Regis doubts his value and continues the deception. Will Mars still be interested is he discovers Regis’s lie?

Love Games is a novella, which I missed when reading the description. I think it did a good job of covering the vulnerable and self-doubting side most of us carry inside- and how so many people think that they need to deceive to be considered good enough. I enjoyed the story, and the realistic use of personal doubts and fears that anyone and everyone can relate to.  

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