Book Review: Walk on the Wild Side by Nicholas Oldland

Walk on the Wild Side is a picturebook by Nicholas Oldland.  One day a bear, a moose and a beaver set off to climb a mountain together. But on the way there, they decide to make it more exciting by turning the climb into a race to the top. It's only after being sidelined by a series of mishaps -- a boulder tumbling down the path, the moose hanging off the side of the cliff, the bear hanging off the moose hanging off the side of the cliff, that the three friends realize competitions don't always make for a good time.

Walk on the Wild Side is part of Oldland's life in the Wild series. In typical fashion of the series, we see our wild friends spending their day together having an adventure and getting themselves into trouble. Competing over every little thing gets the trio into some perilous situations, but they come together and figure out that friendship does not require constant competition. So, fans of the series will know right away what to expect from Oldland's work. For new comers, the style of the artwork is a little messy and childish for my taste, but adds a little wildness and some relatability for the younger readers.

Walk on the Wild Side is a fable that offers comedy and misadventure. The illustrations are simple and offer a good visual of the action. not my favorite picturebook, but it could be used in storytimes or to start discussions about animals, hiking, outdoor safety, friendship, and healthy competition. 
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