Book Review: No Yeti Yet by Mary Ann Fraser

No Yeti Yet is a picturebook by Mary Ann Fraser. It's a snowy, blowy, wintry day which one big brother thinks is just perfect for a yeti hunt! The younger brother is not as convinced and his questions abound. Have you ever seen a yeti? Is a yeti strong? Can a yeti run fast? The big brother’s answers and the readers search for the yeti make the book interactive and enjoyable.

No Yeti Yet is a fun and entertaining story. I love how the older brother is attempting to ‘teach’ his younger brother while also appearing to be smarter and stronger than he might actually feel. This feels very true for sibling relationships, older siblings always want to be more or better than their younger siblings- even when it is with good intentions. I really liked how each page has a hidden yeti that readers can enjoy searching for and finding. A hunt for the brothers and readers alike. The younger brother proves himself stronger and more observant than his older brother, and there is a happy ending for the brothers and yeti alike.

No Yeti Yet is an entertain interactive picture book that will delight readers. Readers that enjoy seek and finds will enjoy hunting for the yeti on each page, and the idea of searching for the signs of him in the landscape. The sibling relationship and trek through the snow will capture the imagination of most readers, and the artwork is a perfect pairing with the story and its mood. 

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