Book Review: Little Bird's Bad Word by Jacob Grant

Little Bird's Bad Word is a picturebook by Jacob Grant. Little Bird is excited to share a new word with his friends. The only problem is, this isn't a very nice word. Little Bird doesn't realize it, but this word might even hurt someone's feelings. What word will Little Bird learn to make things better?

Little Bird's Bad Word is a picture book that draws readers of all ages in, and the artwork is a perfect match to the tale. Little Bird loves to learn new words, and when his father lets a word fly that was not meant for little ears the young bird is happy to add a new word to his vocabulary. Although his father warns him that it is not a good word to use, the young bird shows off his new word by saying it to everyone it sees. It is only by hearing his father’s apology to those offended that the young bird realizes that the word is not one to share. This story could help children and adults deal with words that hurt or offend others.

Little Bird's Bad Word is a picture book that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages. It can be useful for starting discussions about using words that might hurt others, and why some words should not be shared. Between television, movies, friends, other people in public, and parents verbally slipping under duress could teach young children words not suited for school or play time, and this book could help start a discussion about the whys of not repeating everything they hear.  

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