Early Book Review: Gargoyle Hall: An Araminta Spookie Adventure by Angie Sage

Gargoyle Hall: An Araminta Spookie Adventure by Angie Sage is a children's chapter book that is currently scheduled for release on August 11 2015. Araminta Spookie is a unique girl with a very special family. Uncle Drac keeps bats and goes of on expeditions to bring them home. There are three ghosts in the house, one that just happens to be a dog, and a best friend and her family that lives in the same house.when a great aunt comes to visit it is decided that Araminta has been "helpful" one too many times, so her family decides to send her to boarding school. On arrival, Araminta is surprised to discover that her best friend has stowed away in her trunk and that Gargoyle Hall makes her haunted home seem positively cozy. Strange moans and clanks echo down the halls and the two class leaders are equally creepy. Most of the other students have been scared away, but Araminta is determined to find out what-or who-is menacing the school.

Gargoyle Hall is the sixth book in this series, so I did feel a little like I was coming in late since I have not read any of the others, but I caught up to the spirit of the series fairly quickly. The writing is accessible to reluctant readers and avid readers alike and has a good mix of humor and spookiness to keep everyone entertained. Araminta is a strong willed, and slightly odd, young lady with good intentions. She is always trying to be helpful, but the majority of the time her 'help' causes more difficulty and chaos than expected. The adventures of Araminta, who reminds me of a kind hearted Wednesday Addams, are illustrated by Jimmy Pickering with black and white artwork. The pictures add a great deal of atmosphere and emotion to the story, helping younger readers identify with the characters even more. I found the adventure and the writing to be great from readers that need high action books to hold their interest and for those that love a touch of the spooky. 

Gargoyle Hall is a great chapterbook for adventure and series fans. I think my two children, who often feel intimidated by chapter books and love anything remotely spooky will be hooked on this series in short order. I am bringing home the first book of this series, My Haunted House, as soon as possible for their perusal. 

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