Book Review: Mina’s White Canvas by Hyeon-Ju Lee

Mina’s White Canvas is a picturebook by Hyeon-Ju Lee that is scheduled for release today, July 29 2015. When young artist Mina looks up at the cold winter sky, she is struck with an idea. She first draws snowflakes with her crayons and something magical begins. Her canvas expands to the snowy world beyond, a world in which Mina uses her creativity to help others, forge new friendships, and make memories to warm the heart for seasons to come.

Mina’s White Canvas is a beautiful picturebook that will speak to readers of all ages. Mina sees the dark and gloomy landscape and uses her artistic imagination to transform the landscape into a snowy wonderland. She in turns helps the creatures she discovers in the snow with further artwork. She assists a woodpecker, bear, frog, and a pair of rabbits all with her creative coloring and sweet heart. She only ends her good natured help when her crayons are ready to run out- and still she helps one more set of animals before returning home. She enjoys the artwork, and the memories of her adventures. The artwork is splendid, and looks like very detailed colored pencil drawings. 

Mina’s White Canvas is a sweet and lovely picture book. The artwork and story are beautiful in nature and looks alike. I found the pictures just as lovely as the story and make the book worth the read on their own. The book can inspire creativity, the use of imagination, and kindness to others. 

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