Book Review: All the Lost Things by Kelly Canby

All the Lost Things is a picturebook by Kelly Canby. Olive is not your ordinary girl; she is curious, thoughtful, and spunky. And one day when she goes for a walk in her grumpy, too-busy city, she finds some extraordinary things. Lured by a strange sound she ventures into a hidden space and finds a stash of lost things like memory, sight, and more. What Olive does with them will delight and inspire.

All the Lost Things is filled with delightful artwork including hand lettered words and bold strokes. Olive is a spunky and curious girl, lured through a man hole cover to explore what exactly was making a particular sound. She finds an old lady and boxes, jars, and more. Each box and jar is clearly labeled with the type of lost items that fill the container. When Olive finds jars holding memory, humor, the way, and hope she does something wonderful with each. Her thoughtfulness and love for others shines through her actions and makes this a great story.

All the Lost Things is a fabulous picturebook about finding the things we all seem to lose, but all need to hold on to and share with those around us. Olive’s thoughtfulness and the artwork are just about perfect. The artwork and the hand drawn lettering offer readers high action pages that capture and keep the attention and imagination of readers of all ages. 

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