Early Book Review: Poppy’s Best Paper by Susan Eaddy

Poppy’s Best Paper is a picture book written by Susan Eaddy and illustrated by Rosalinde Bonnet . It is currently scheduled for release on July 7th 2015. Poppy is a cute little bunny, with a big personality. More than anything, Poppy wants to be a famous writer. She's sure Mrs. Rose will pick her paper to read to the whole class! Trouble is, she has tall ambitions but is short on effort, and her jealousy takes over when her best friend's paper is chosen instead. In the end, Poppy discovers that she has to get out of her own way if her big dreams are going to come true. 

Poppy’s Best Paper is a charming picture book with expressive illustrations which really bring the story to life. Poppy dreams of being a writer, but she does more dreaming and procrastinating than writing. (Sounds like many of us, right!?) The combination of big dreams and the desire to do as little work as possible is something most kids (and adults) can relate to. Poppy’s revelation, determination, and finally success is something that is both relatable and inspirational to many readers. I think that this story works as both a fun, entertaining read and a lesson about working to achieve success. 

Poppy’s Best Paper is a great picture. I would recommend it for home, library, and classroom reading. A nice addition to any library collection for preschool and elementary school readers- and the adults that share reading time with them. 

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