Book Review: Playing In Shadow by Lesley Davis

Playing In Shadow is the second book in the Playing series by Lesley Davis. I did not read the first book in the series, and while i was still able to catch up quickly, the couple that comes together in the first book does continue their story in this book, so I do wish I had already read Playing Passion's Game. I will be going back to read it shortly. 

After surviving a devastating car crash, Bryce Donovan is plagued by crippling nightmares that leave her terrified to close her eyes. She still bears the scars from that night, both emotionally and physically. Her job at Tweedy Contractors brings the diversion she is desperate for, and the new apprentice painter is a welcome distraction. As a gifted artist, Scarlet Tweedy creates beauty in every medium she employs. But she’s always been expected to take over her father’s business. The problem is she doesn’t want to follow in his footsteps while she has dreams of her own to pursue. But can she choose her own path over what has always been expected of her? 

Playing In Shadow is a solid romance, and a satisfying read. Bryce is still recovering physical and emotionally from a deadly car accident. Not even she has acknowledged how deep some of those scars run. Scarlet is glad to be home and with her friends again, but does not want fall into the role her father has lined up for her. She needs to decide on what is best for her in the long run. Bryce and Scarlet come together fairly quickly, and while that bothered me on some level, the way it happens felt very organic and possible in the real world. I also liked that friends and previous main characters have their stories told and are included in the mix as well. So often the focus on the main characters has me wondering if they completely shut out their friends when love comes into the picture, or if other characters that already have found their happy ending go into hiding.

Playing In Shadow is different from my typical romance reading, but at the same time exactly the same. I loved the two main characters and the secondary characters. The issues they all face were realistic and handled really well. My complaint is the same I have with many romance, in that the main couple fell a little too fast, but sometimes that is how real life happens too, and it felt so very real. I do not often read LGBT romance, but thus far every time I have I have been thrilled with how fantastic the writing is. I guess I need to read more!

Playing In Shadow is a sweet romance with dynamic characters. I would recommend it to anyone open to LGBT romance. I enjoyed the characters and the story and will be reading more from this author.   

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