Early Book Review: My Stinky New School by Rebecca Elliott

My Stinky New School by Rebecca Elliott is a picture book that is currently schedule for release on June 19 2015. Toby's sister and baby brother love their schools;  they smell great, like paint and rainbows. However Toby is not sure that he will like his new school at all. At first he thinks it smells more like ogres and he is lonely. He cannot seem to find friends, but he finds an alien, a mermaid, a dinosaur expert and a pirate. When his mum comes to pick him up he tells her that he did not make friends, but then who was he playing with?

My Stinky New School is a great picture book for children facing a new school or change in environments. While it might seem scary and like a place you do not want to be, giving the world a chance and being yourself will get you through. Toby is very nervous about his new school, and misses his family, but throws himself into his school day. By just being himself and being willing to talk to new kids he finds new friends. The book has humor and leaves the reader with a smile and feeling of comfort. 

My Stinky New School is a wonderful book to share with a preschooler, kindergartener, or even first grade student that is experiencing some trepidation about the shift of schools and environment that they might be facing. 

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