Book Review: The Hunt For Snow (Fairytale League #1) by S.E. Babin

The Hunt For Snow is the first book in the Fairytale League series by S.E. Babin.  Snow’s past is shrouded in mystery. Mild cryptozoologist by day, private investigator by night, Snow is dead set on one thing, staying far away from the Huntsman who haunts her dreams. When she shows up to a conference for those from the Enchanted Forest with her two best friends in tow, things start going awry right away. Mere minutes after arriving, they find themselves thrust back into the world they’ve tried so hard to avoid. Now, along with the help of her friends, Snow is struggling to stay one step ahead of the queen who wants to destroy her, and the Huntsman who wants to possess her at all costs. 

The Hunt For Snow started of quickly, almost making me thing that I had missed something even though this is the first book in the series. However, the world and character building quickly fixed that feeling. Snow is a tough character, she tries not to care, and because of her past relies a bit to much on weapons and fighting. However, she is quick thinking and really does care about her friends and anyone that depends on her. The relationship between Snow and the Huntsman is extremely complicated and full of anticipation and hard choices. The Huntsman has a hard road, and is stranger than most would expect, even given his reputation. I liked the twist on most of the characters. Cinderella and Belle kept me happy through the majority of the book, and I was interested in seeing how all of the changes and stories would intertwine. The twists and turns, complications, and character developments kept up from very early in the book to the final pages, leaving readers hanging, but engaged through the entire read. While Snow is not my favorite main character, the story and extended cast have me interested to see the series through. 

The Hunt For Snow is a read that keeps readers turning pages and interested. The story is solid and fast paced. I would recommend grabbing the second book to have handy, so that you are not left completely hanging when this book ends, although who is to say that it wont end with a cliff hanger as well.

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