Early Book Review: Her Wild Hero by Paige Tyler

Her Wild Hero by Paige Tyler is a paranormal romance with a suspense or military leaning. This is the third book in the X-Ops series, and scheduled for release on May 5 2015. Declan MacBride is a bear shifter that has some trouble accepting the more animalistic side of himself. After a bad romantic experience he has been craving one woman for years, but she does not seem to know he exists. Kendra Carlsen is that woman, and she is sent of with Declan’s crew to the jungles of Costa Rica on her very first field mission. Unfortunately, the mission that is supposed to be boring does not go well. They are ambushed. In the midst of relying on each other to survive, and fighting his explosive attraction to Kendra, this shifter is about to lose control.

While Her Wild Hero is the third book in a series I felt like I caught up to speed with the larger story pretty quickly. However, because I liked the characters so much I am interested in going back to see what happened in the previous books. So, do not let the lack of back story stop you, just dive on in. Declan and Kendra are both complex characters with some history that is covered quite well in this book. I love a multi dimensional character that is willing to notice their own lacking, not just faults in others.  Declan has some serious issues about his own value beyond the field, while Kendra has more field experience and nerves than he was quite ready to deal with. The combination of those issues with the high action and danger level was just about perfect. I was a little disappointed in a few moments of decision making on both their parts, but the story as a whole was fast paced, exciting, and came together very well.

I would recommend Her Wild Hero to readers that like high action romance, especially is you like a little paranormal twist. I have read other books by Tyler, and if you have enjoyed anything by her you will like this as well. Her quality seems to be very consistent thus far. 

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