Book Review: Fool's Paradise: A Lady Priscilla Flanders Mystery by Jo Ann Ferguson

Fool's Paradise is Lady Priscilla Flanders Mystery by Jo Ann Ferguson. This historical mystery with romance can stand on its own, but prior knowledge of the characters would not hurt.  The Prince Regent has asked Lord Neville Hathaway to investigate some odd behavior near his new lands. However, his investigation is hurried along when a member of the ton has gone missing in the same area. They cannot help wondering if the disappearance is connected to tales of a strange new settlement being created by a half-mad lord. Drawn into the madness against their wills, Priscilla and Neville go undercover as willing citizens in Novum Arce, the utopian recreation of Roman Britain, but it quickly becomes obvious that the person behind the kidnapping and insanity may have a very real ulterior motive. 

Fool's Paradise is a solid mystery with a touch of romance. I like that Neville and Priscilla are an established and happy couple, and secure in their relationship. This makes the romance portion more intense and interesting because the things keeping them apart are related to the mystery rather than their own issues. I will say that I figured out some of the connections and mystery elements before their big reveal, but I still found myself on the edge of my seat waiting to see how Pris and Neville would get themselves out of trouble. The activity inside the walls of Novum Arce were suspenseful, a little depressing, but also slightly predictable. I think most of the things I saw coming were only obvious to me because of the large doses of utopian fiction I have read and the mysteries I was over exposed to growing up. Others might be a little less cynical and more surprised than I. It was still a good story, just not something that greatly stood out in my mind as something unique or extraordinary.

Fool's Paradise is a good read with mystery and interesting characters. I was not surprised often within the story, but still enjoyed the ride. Ferguson fans will enjoy greatly, and most readers will be happily diverted for a weekend of reading.

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