Early Book Review: Bite at First Sight by Brooklyn Ann

Bite at First Sight by Brooklyn Ann is the third book in the Scandals with Bite. It is currently scheduled for realize April 7 2015. When Rafael Villar, Lord Vampire of London, stumbles upon a woman in the cemetery he believes he’s found a vampire hunter. Instead he found a bundle of problems. Cassandra Burton is enthralled by the scarred, disfigured vampire who took her prisoner. The aspiring physician was robbing graves to pursue her studies, but this vampire might turn out to be her greatest subject yet. So they form a bargain: one kiss for every experiment. As their passion grows and Rafe begins to heal, only one question remains; can Cassandra see the man beyond the monster?

Bite at First Sight is the third book in a series, but it is not necessary to read the books in order. It would help with knowing details and backgrounds of some characters, but the story is easily understood and enjoyed without that continuity. Rafael is a scarred vampire with a damaged arm. He is strong and has learned to function fully without the use of that arm. He is in charge of the London vampires, but everything is not as peaceful among the ranks as he might hope. Cassandra is a very intelligent and curious widow, who has studied on her own and knowns more than most practicing physicians, but is refused entry to any medical college because of her gender. When Rafael is forced to take her prisoner she has the chance to study further, and learn about vampire anatomy as well as human. The complications of vampire politics and social standards cause both of them many issues as they spend more time together and grow closer. I enjoyed the slow romance and dual insecurities of Cassandra and Rafael. It made the book a fun, and entertaining read. The conflict and final resolution was more exciting and complex than I expected, which made me interested in the earlier and future books in the series.

I would highly recommend Bite at First Sight to anyone that enjoys the authors work and historical or paranormal romance. It is rare to see the two combined this well, particularly with such an intelligent an capable female character. 

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