Book Review: FishFishFish by Lee Nordling and Meritxell Bosch

FishFishFish by Lee Nordling and Meritxell Bosch is a picturebook that can be enjoyed in many way.  A little yellow fish swims alone, while below hungry barracuda searches for something to eat, and below that a school of fish band together and find strength in numbers. In this picturebook readers see that under the waves, every fish is a hero in its own story.

FishFishFish is a mostly wordless picturebook, with a few thought or speech bubbles. I liked that this book can stand up to multitude or rereads because it can be approached in different ways.  You can read just the top panel of the book showing the story of the little yellow fish swimming all alone, read the middle panel with a barracuda on the search for food, or the bottom panel with a school of fish who band together. Readers could  also read each page top to bottom to see how the different fish interact. The colors are bright and catch the eye, easily keeping younger readers interested, while more involved readers will be involved in the drama that is a fish's life. The multiple perspectives coming together can start a great discussion about understanding and looking outside your own story.

FishFishFish is a great book for sharing, or for children enjoying alone. My children are very into animals and nature- and so seeing this book captured the attention and kept it. Those that do not usually enjoy wordless picturebooks might not enjoy it as much as i did, but i thought it was nicely done. 

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