Book Review: The Aesir Kids by James Grant Goldin and Charlotte Goldin

The Aesir Kids by is a middle grade novel co-authored by James Grant Goldin and his daughter Charlotte Goldin. The story takes some recognizable and well known bits of Norse mythology and expands on the stories to create something new and exciting. this books follows the adventures of  children of the Norse gods. they have incredible strength, magical weapons, and monsters for pets. They also have problems with school, bullies, family issues, and attacks by giants. When Asgard, the home of the gods, is threatened with utter destruction it is up to the children of Thor, Sif, Loki, Freya, Balder; and some very special friends, to save it.

The Aesir Kids features some high adventure and multifaceted characters that will create interest and excitement. Thrud (the teenage daughter of Thor) has to balance fighting trolls and giants with her after-school job waiting tables at Valhalla. Fire (son of the three mysterious Norns) is out in the world for the first time and has to learn a lot more than school can teach him. Magni and Modi (Thrud's younger brothers) whose strength is matched only by their impulsiveness. Ull is the greatest skier of the gods, that is except for maybe Skade, the four-year-old goddess of skiing. Together with Tjalfi, his sister Roskva, Forsetti, Noss, and Hela (who each have gifts of their own) this special group of godlings need to save thier home, and all the none worlds. It is only by mastering their gifts and trusting in each other that they can defeat Loki and save the universe.     This is a fantasy novel based on many actual characters from Norse mythology, and it feels a little like reading some of my favorite classic tales. It's the first published collaboration between author James Grant Goldin and his ten-year-old daughter, Charlotte Goldin.

I greatly enjoyed The Aesir Kids. I have always loved reading ancient Greek, Roman, and Norse mythology, and this story felt very true to the tradition. the characters all had their virtues and their faults, and in the end there is an idea of right and wrong that is vindicated. the fact that the author and his daughter worked together to create this story made it even better for me. I am eager to see what this team can do next.

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