Early Book Review: Ready, Set, Kindergarten by Paula Ayer and Danielle Arbour

Ready, Set, Kindergarten is a picturebook by Paula Ayer and Danielle Arbour which is currently schedule for release on March 2 2015. This charming tale of a little girl’s experience touches on the many milestones children concur while getting ready and going to school for the first time. The child can count out plates when she helps Dad set the table, call out letters when she walks with Mom, and help her stuffed animals say sorry after they fight. With a little help from Mom, Dad, her cat, and faithful toy mouse, she’s now ready for her new adventure, kindergarten!

Ready, Set, Kindergarten is a picturebook great for families approaching the milestone of kindergarten. It uses clear, simple language and pictures that are colorful and still somehow soothing. It reaches out to parents that might be worried their child is not ready with some things they can do with their child to get them ready, and helps show children that kindergarten is safe, fun, and a great place for learning.

I would recommend Ready, Set, Kindergarten to any family with parents or children worried about being ready for kindergarten. I think it would also be good for use in preschools and day care centers as the children in their care get ready to face kindergarten as well. 

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