Book Review: Private Affair by Rebecca York

Private Affair is the third book in the Rockfort Security series by Rebecca York. Model Olivia Winters knows that there is more to her friend's murder than the police believe. She returns to her childhood home after enlisting the help of private investigator Max Lyon. She has to face memories of her teen years in order to get to the bottom of the murder. max might be a PI now, but he is also a former police officer and graduate from the same high school. posing as an engaged couple they investigate what becomes a string of suspicious deaths and attacks. Soon Max and Olivia realize they're in too deep, but it is too late. They're getting close to the truth, each others secrets, and to giving into their attraction.

Private Affair, like the previous two books in this series, can stand on its own and has strong characters that hold true throughout the story. Olivia has been through a lot and still feels like an outsider and shuns the spotlight even though she makes her living in the public eye. more often than not she does what an authority figure suggests rather than taking risks. her insecurity irks me on occasion, but she steps up to the plate and stands up for herself and faces the demons from her past to prevent others from getting hurt. Max is a strong alpha male. he grew up on the wrong side of the tracks but has never worried much about fitting in. he does what he has to to survive, and defends those unable or unwilling to do so for themselves. I like that they knew each other in school, and the way they work together. There is plenty of give and take between the two, and some growth by Olivia. the suspense and mystery portion of the book is powerful and left me on edge most of the time. Even when I thought i had the answers i was unsure and eager to see how everything played out. this was not my favorite of the series, but it was still a decent read.

Private Affair was a solid read for a cold winter weekend. It was not my favorite of the series, or from this author, but i am still glad that I read it. I think fans of the series should read it to discover how the last partner of Rockfort Security gets his happy ending, and readers that love a suspense filled romance will enjoy the read. I was not a fan of Olivia, and I think that was what made me like this book less than the others.

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