Book Review: Game of Love by Melissa Foster

Game of Love is the tenth book in the Love in Bloom series and first in the Remingtons subseries by Melissa Foster. In the twenty-five years Ellie Parker been alive, Dex Remington has been the only person who has always believed in her and been there for her. But twice now she has left without saying goodbye. Dex Remington is one of the top PC game developers in the U.S. He’s handsome, smart, and so damn numb that he’s not sure he’ll ever find a reason to feel again. A chance encounter sparks intense desires in Ellie and Dex. Desires that make her want to run; and make him want to feel. A combination of lust and fear leads these young lovers down a dangerous path. Is it possible to cross a burned bridge or are they destined to be apart forever?

Game of Love was the first book in this series that I have read, and I had some mixed feelings on it. I will admit to reading the book because of the cover, I just liked the feel of the cover and then when I read the description I was hooked. I really enjoyed Dex's character, he was smart and strong willed but almost too good of a guy. I had some issues with Ellie. She had a very rough childhood, and understandably has some serious issues because of it. However, through the book she vacillates between being a flight risk and being perfectly fine. Again, this is not unusual because of her past, but I found the end a little too easy because of it. Dex was almost too perfect and definitely too willing to do literally everything and anything to keep Ellie with him. Moments of the book were wonderful, but others had me annoyed. As a whole I enjoyed it, and bought a few more books in the series immediately.

Game of Love was a solid contemporary romance and dealt with characters with significant issues. There were inner dialogue moments that got a little repetitive and the book was not perfect, but I still ended up hooked on the series and will be reading much more from Foster in the near future.

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