Some Werewolf Romances Worth Reading

Romance readers have seen a swift uprise in paranormal reading material. Vampires, witches, psychic gifts, and things that you might never have seen in your dreams have been becoming increasingly visible in popular literature. Werewolves are on the rise in this sub-genre, so if you want to read some romance where at least one major player turns furry here are some great places to start. I have tried to stick with some of the lesser known series and authors, since most of the same books come up in every werewolf series discussion.
The Crimson Moon series by L.A. Banks begins with Bad Blood. This series has science fiction elements, government conspiracies, supernatural creatures, romance and great action. Banks does a great job of creating a realistic and culturally diverse world. In this series Sasha Trudeau is a special operations soldier working to help the government keep the supernatural in the world under control and secret from the general population. Rules change, dirty deals made and revelations had. Sasha's world is changed, and that is just the beginning.

Karen MacInerney writes the Tales of the Urban Werewolf trilogy, which begins with Howling at the Moon. This series centers on Sophie Garou and her seemingly perfect life. She has a great career, fantastic boyfriend, and is gorgeous. However she also happens to turn very hairy and cranky once a month. All three books show up Sophie's struggle to keep her secret safe, her career moving in the right direction and the people she cares about safe.

Never Cry Werewolf by Heather Davis is a young adult novel about sixteen-year girl that has made some bad choices. With some urging by her stepmother Shelby is sent off to what she terms "brat-camp" where she meets the other teens that are there for a wide variety of reasons. One resident is a werewolf, you can guess that from the title, and most are from families of the rich and famous. I do not want to ruin the book by telling you who the werewolf is and how it all plays out, however I will assure you that it is not Shelby.

Carrie Vaughn writes the Kitty Norville series. The first book in the series is Kitty and the Midnight Hour. The series focuses on Kitty in her life as a late night radio host and her secret life as a werewolf. Her radio airtime becomes a talk show for the supernaturally inclined, which makes her attempts to keep her own furry side to herself nearly impossible as other real supernatural creatures call in, take action against her, and simply cause trouble. This is a fun and entertaining series with a lot of character growth in each installment. The eighth book in the series is due to be released at the end of June 2010.

Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause is a young adult novel that was made into a movie. If you saw the movie, forget it. It does not do a good job following the book. The book, as cliché as it may be, is much better than the movie. The story follows a teenage girl, that just happens to be a werewolf. She is struggling to balance what she wants with what is expected of her. The conflict between the pack culture and she desire to be normal and accepted by both of her worlds is both touching and relatable.

If you like this sub-genre of romance and have already read these books, or are just looking for a larger list, or some of the better known authors in the genre, then I also recommend books by Kelley Armstrong, Maggie (young adult), Eileen Wilks, Terry Spear, Susan Krinard, Rebecca York, Patricia Briggs and Kresley Cole.
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