Early Book Review: How Come? by Kathy Wollard

How Come? by Kathy Wollard is a non fiction book currently scheduled for release on January 13 2015. This is a fun, fact-filled book that will be as interesting to parents as it is to kids. There are lively but clear answers to kids’ common science queries, and some less common questions as well, collecting the best questions and answers from three books; How Come?, How Come? Planet Earth, and How Come? In the Neighborhood and supplemented with twenty completely new questions, and combined into one bigger, better volume.

How Come? explains in clear but detailed explanations the answers to more than 200 mysteries and phenomena in the world around us. Some of my favorite questions where; When it rains, does running (rather than walking) to the nearest shelter really keep you any drier?, Why do we sound better singing in the shower?, Why is the cashew the only nut you cannot buy in its shell?, and Why do songs get stuck in your head?. The answers are fascinating, witty, and informative. I love anything that makes knowledge fun and exciting, and this book certainly fits the bill.

I highly recommend How Come? to everyone that has even stopped to ponder the whys and hows of the world. This is a particularly good book to have on hand when you have a child in your life that loves to ask why. The text is clearly written, engaging, and accessible. It’s for every kid who wants to know, and every grown-up who simply doesn’t know.

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