Book Review: Princess Patty Meets Her Match by Charise Mericle Harper

Princess Patty Meets Her Match by Charise Mericle Harper is a picturebook about a princess taking matters into her own hands. Patty has always been told that one day her prince will come, but she is tired of waiting.  So with Miss Loverpuff (her pet starfish) in tow, Patty sets off to find her own happily-ever-after. Along the way, she meets a prince who places leftover peas under the bed, and another who can't tell the difference between catching dragons and dragonflies! Can she find a prince that she wants to spend time with?

Princess Patty Meets Her Match is a book about a girl taking charge of her own life. she goes out in search of something she has been told will find her. I like that patty is a strong and smart girl. She teaches those she comes in contact with quite a bit, but she is still kind and never rude even when those she runs across seem less than bright. I think a princess taking charge while still being a good person is an important story to share. Too often when princesses (or girls in general) and taking charge in books they come off as mean rather or a know it all. Patty knows what she wants, but is still a gracious girl and while sweet also not a push over. The illustrations  do a good job of bringing the story to life with some additional information and funny moments. 

I would highly recommend Princess Patty Meets Her Match to any readers that love princess and make believe. I think readers stuck on the idea that a princess needs saving, and that a prince needs to do all the work, will gain something from this fun and sweet picturebook.

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