Book Review: How to Roll Like Chris P. Bacon by Len Lucero

How to Roll Like Chris P. Bacon by Len Lucero is the second book about the plucky little pig that was born with malformed hind legs but taken in by a veterinarian and trained to walk with a special cart. Little Chris P. Bacon is cheerful in the face of adversity and lives with gusto. He curiosity and supportive family make this series an inspiring and fun read. This installment encourages readers to live life with the openness and cheerfulness that is evident in my favorite little piglet. 

How to Roll Like Chris P. Bacon is a charming and inspirational book that encourages readers to face each day with courage and joy. Taking chances, doing new things, and being a good friend are the key elements to the suggestions in the book. The pictures of Bacon’s adventure and the cartoon like illustrations add a charm and sense of fun to the book. I felt a bit like the grinch reading the book, with my heart growing three sizes as I read. It was sweet, inspirational, and heart warming. 

How to Roll Like Chris P. Bacon is a sweet follow up to the first book, but does not hold the same power. I would suggest the book for fans of Chris P. Bacon. It is heart warming and gave me a nice warm feeling as I read.

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