Early Book Review: Shaun the Sheep: The Flock Factor by Martin Howard and Andy Janes

Shaun the Sheep: The Flock Factor is a chapter book from the Tales from Mossy Bottom Farm series by Martin Howard and Andy Janes. It is currently scheduled for release on November 25, 2014. It’s talent-show time on the farm, and the roosters and chickens are banding together in hopes of beating out their rivals, the sheep. Meanwhile, Shirley, a sheep whose flair for singing is as large as her frame, has a big problem; a massive case of stage fright. Can Shaun the sheep convince his jittery friend to wow the mole judges and take home the prize?

Anyone that has watched the claymation movies or shows from the makers of Wallace & Grommet, Shaun the Sheep, or even Timmy Time for the youngest readers, will recognize the setting and humor found in Shaun the Sheep: The Flock Factor.  Shaun is the smarter than average sheep, who thinks and plots constantly, sometimes with the help or hindrance of the farmer’s dog and other barnyard animals. In this story, Shaun and the sheep have challenged the chickens in a talent contest, and frankly it does not look good for the sheep. Mad cap mishaps and Shaun looking out for his fellow sheep make the story move along and readers laugh and enjoy the ride. The humor is multi layered, making it a fun read for new readers all the way to adults. 

I would recommend Shaun the Sheep: The Flock Factor to readers of all ages, particularly those that enjoy British humor and shows like Wallace & Grommet, Shaun the Sheep, or even Timmy Time.

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