Early Book Review: Excavate! Dinosaurs by Jon Tennant

Excavate! Dinosaurs by Jon Tennant is a non fiction book for dinosaur fans seven and up that is currently scheduled for release on October 21 2014. Paleontologist Jon Tennant uses fun text and colorful illustrations explains the anatomy, habitat, and diet of 12 dinosaurs from the Cretaceous, Jurassic, and Triassic eras. The book includes pop-out pieces of their skeletons for kids to assemble into stand-up paper models. The challenge lies in the fact that the pieces are mixed up! Before the puzzles can be completed, kids must apply their new knowledge about the dinosaurs to figure out which pieces go together. 

Excavate! Dinosaurs is a well organized and interesting book for dinosaurs of all ages. The illustrations and short paragraphs of information come together well to interest and educate readers. The detailed information, organized by someone in the field, made for interesting reading that might inspire further research and interest in the field of paleontology. Since I read a digital copy I did not have the chance to test my skills in putting together the mixed up pieces of model dinosaur bones, or test out their durability. I think that my son would love this activity, as long os the pieces are sturdy but flexible enough. 

Excavate! Dinosaurs is a book that would be a good gift or addition to the home library for any child that is interested in dinosaurs. The information is well organized and offered small sections to keep the interest of readers without overwhelming them. 

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