Book Review: Sam's Pet Temper by Sangeeta Bhadra

Sam's Pet Temper written by Sangeeta Bhadra  and illustrated by Marion Arbona is picturebook about Sam, a young boy who gets so frustrated waiting his turn at the playground that a Temper shows up. The beast-like temper quickly empties the playground and Sam happily plays alone with his new pet. Sam soon discovers that once unleashed his Temper follows him everywhere, causing more and more trouble, until Sam realizes he needs to put a stop to it, but how? 

Sam's Pet Temper tells a story that can entertain just about everyone. The depiction of Sam’s Temper by illustrator Marion Arbona is perfect. At first he is almost cute, and definitely mischievous. Something most kids would enjoy playing with. It is only when the temper gets Sam into trouble and starts growing that readers see that a temper can be a serious problem. I liked the combination of understanding that anyone can have a temper that gets out of control along with the message that everyone can get that temper in check with some simple tools or help. All in all, I found the story both fun and a great resource for families and school environments. 

Sam's Pet Temper is a book that tells the story about finding, losing control of, and reigning in a temper. Kids can relate to the situations while family, caregivers, and teachers can use the book to open up discussion about tempers controlling them as well.  I think both adults and children can enjoy this story about Tempers and how to deal with them. 

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