Book Review: I'm Undead and Hungry!: Meet a Zombie (Monster Buddies) by Shannon Knudsen and Chiara Buccheri

I'm Undead and Hungry!: Meet a Zombie is the latest book in the Monster Buddies series by Shannon Knudsen and Chiara Buccheri. Like the rest of the books in the series, this book combines popular culture, folklore, science, and fun. Roscoe is a zombie, he  came back from the dead. But don't be scared because Roscoe's not real. He's one of the monsters you meet in stories. Find out what turns people into zombies, learn about different kinds of zombies around the world, and discover where zombie stories come from. 
My son is a monster maniac. I'm Undead and Hungry! is right up his alley. There a silly and slightly scary cartoon illustrations combined with information about zombies in books and movies as well as from traditional stories from all parts of the world. I really like the matter of fact way both then and factual information is presented. It does not take the fun out of the monster, but just might take away the fear that might keep your little one up at night.

I'm Undead and Hungry! would be eaten up by monster fans, and could be used to explain to children that the monsters are not real. This could be exceptionally useful around Halloween when movies, costumes, and stories might be enough to spook even the bravest children.

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