Three Paranormal Mystery Series You Will Love; Spooky Mysteries that Keep You Guessing

There is an ever increasing number of books to chose from when trying to decide what to pick up next. Luckily, no matter what genre or combination or genre you are looking for there is someone out there writing and publishing it. The hard part is finding books that are worth reading in each little niche, rather than ones that are just being written to fit into the next big craze. If you like mysteries with a touch of the paranormal or mystic here are some series that are great reads but not often brought up in book lists or discussions.

Anyone who looks for novels touching on the paranormal has heard of Charlaine Harris and her Sookie Stackhouse series, which I also enjoy. However, that is far from Harris's only series. Harris has three other series to her credit and a selection of stand alone books. The Harper Connelly quartet is absolutely fantastic, and my first recommendation. In Grave Sight we are introduced to Harper, a smart and loyal woman who gained a strange ability when she was hit by lightning. She can sense and find dead people, and then figure out how they died. Harper and her step brother slash manager Tolliver go to a small Midwestern town to try and solve the mystery of a teenager's disappearance but get more than they bargained for because someone has a lot to hide. Harper and Tolliver have a strange relationship, which you see explained through the series. The characters are deep and edgy and the mysteries and puzzles found in each of the books are challenging. This series is not light and fun like the Sookie books, although there is some humor. Everything is more real and quite a bit darker than what you might have already read from this talented author. On a side note I do also recommend the Shakespeare series by Harris, it is free of psychic or supernatural aspects but full of dark reality, mystery and intriguing characters.

On a much lighter note you might be interested in Victoria Laurie's Psychic Eye Mystery series. Here we see Abby Cooper; Psychic Eye who had been trying to keep her gifts at bay for most of her life. Just when she has decided to try and use her gifts to make a living and help people one of her clients dies, and she never saw it coming. To make it even more challenging for Abby she just might be a suspect, the real killer is after her and the led detective was her own blind date. The mystery is well done, but it is really the great characters and fun, engaging writing that makes the series a must read. Each book has been high quality with new twists and turns and great character development. 

Another great mystery series with some mystical elements is Madelyne Alt'Bewitching Mystery series, which starts with The Trouble With Magic. Maggie O'Neill is dissatisfied with her job, and honestly her life. So she takes a leap of faith and takes a job as a clerk in an antique shop Felicity, her new friend and employer just happens to be a practicing witch and helps Maggie in her ever continuing journey to figure out what she really wants. Along the way Felicity is accused of murdering her own sister and Maggie is introduced to the mystic, a coven of witches and hunky and mysterious Marcus. The story is absorbing and the mystery surprising. The cast of characters is charming and really well fleshed out. No cookie cutter or flat players in this story. What makes the read even better is knowing that more is coming. At last count there were five books in the series.

This is only a small sampling of this unique cross section of genres. Other suggestions for readers that enjoy the type of books I've mentioned above include Shirley Damsgaard's Abby and Ophelia Mysteries, Wendy Robert's Ghost Dusters series, Terry Garey's Nicki Styx series and Casey Daniel's Pepper Martin Mystery series.
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