Book Review: Nancy Knows by Cybele Young

Nancy Knows is a picturebook by Cybele Young. Nancy the elephant knows she has forgotten something, something important. While she walks around trying to remember, she thinks of all sorts of other things instead. It is only after she stops thinking so hard that Nancy remembers what should should be doing.

Nancy Knows is a delightful picturebook. Elephants are supposed to remember everything, right. Well, Nancy cannot remember. She knows there is something she needs to remember, and now. She is struggling with something we have all done, even the young audience for picture books. We have all had that moment when we cannot remember a name, the last item on the shopping list, or the reason we went into a room. For children it might be the way they are supposed to solve a math problem, or how to spell a word; although we adults can have those lapses too. I love that while Nancy is trying to remember she comes up with all sorts of other things in her mind- which are shown in delightful paper sculptures and bright colors on each page. I do the same thing, as I am trying to go through my to do list for the day, I remember something I tried to remember yesterday. The book is splendid and charming, something everyone can find enjoyment in. 

I would recommend Nancy Knows to readers of all ages that have ever forgotten something, anyone that has had a thought or name on the tip of their tongue but evading recollection, and frankly that is all of us right? The are is colorful, charming, and a wonderful pairing to the story of an elephant that sometimes forgets.

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