Book Review: Bob’s Hungry Ghost by Genevieve Cote

Bob’s Hungry Ghost by Genevieve Cote is a picturebook about a young boy that really wants a dog for his birthday, but gets a ghost named Fluffy instead. Unfortunately, Fluffy doesn't fetch, sit, or go for walks. All Fluffy does is eat everything, and soon all of Bob's things and even Bob himself end up in Fluffy's belly. Will Bob find a way to tame his unruly and very hungry ghost? Will Fluffy realize that eating Bob wasn't a very nice thing to do?

Bob’s Hungry Ghost is a creative look at how children, and adults, handle disappointment. bob is less than thrilled with a ghost for a pet, particularly when the ghost in question does not do any of the fun stuff he had planned to do with a dog. He pouts, and after a while starts to be less than friendly to his new pet. Fluffy in turn eat everything, including Bob. it is then that Bob reads the guidebook about having a ghost for a pet, and when Fluffy comes to think about the little boy in his belly. All ends well in a sweetly silly book about appreciating what you have. And everyone will want a ghost for their birthday after reading this book.

I would recommend Bob’s Hungry Ghost to picturebook readers of all ages. The story is perfectly illustrated and a fun read about appreciating what you have and accepting disappointment gracefully. My favorite part of the story is the realization that the possibilities of what we do have are often much better than what we might have had.

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