Early Book Review: Julia's House for Lost Creatures by Ben Hatke

Julia's House for Lost Creatures by is the first picturebook by Ben Hatke, author of graphic novel Zita the Spacegirl, and is currently scheduled for release on September 2 2014. When Julia and her walking house come to town, she likes everything about her new neighborhood. Everything but how quiet it is! So Julia puts a sign up: “Julia’s House for Lost Creatures.” Soon Julia and her home as hosting goblins, mermaids, fairies, and even a dragon. Quiet is not a problem anymore for Julia,but getting her housemates to behave themselves is!

Julia's House for Lost Creatures is a delightful picturebook with highly detailed watercolors. I loved that Julia is laying down in bed and just cannot rest because it is too quiet. I have that trouble sometimes myself. so, she puts up a sigh declaring a welcome to lost and homeless creatures. Before long she has a very full house, and very little help. she is feeding and cleaning up after everyone. She comes up with a brilliant idea of a chore list, making use of each creature's unique talents, and soon everything is set to rights again. the variety of creatures that show up on Julia's door, and their behavior makes for a charming and entertaining tale.

I would highly recommend Julia's House for Lost Creatures for library, school, and home collection. This is not just because I am rapidly becoming a fan of Hatke's work, but because this book works on several levels. it is a book that is simply great fun, but it can also be used to discuss how we should act as guests, the importance of pitching in, and the importance of being willing to help others. I think it would be a wonderful addition to every collection that includes picturebooks.

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